Finally here at iSteaks to try their beef steaks after hearing some good reviews!

I had the 350g Striploin ($30.50) which came with the right doneness of medium rare that I asked for. The steak had a good one inch thickness, sealing much of the meat juices within the steak. This may not be the juiciest steak nor a very flavourful one, but it was definitely affordable. Great to see that there is some good crust on the meat for the additional smokey flavour! Not bad of a steak.

I had 2 sides to go with the steak, garlic butter eggplant and good old French fries. Love the amount of garlic and the savoury butter which pairs well with the sweetness of the eggplant! The French fries were crispy and flavourful.

Although I wish for the steak to be juicier and more flavourful, its still a good place to satisfy your steak cravings without burning a large hole in your pocket!

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