This was a pleasantly interesting Western-Asian fusion dish, as it places the barramundi fish in the middle of a coconut risotto broth! The barramundi was cooked to perfection, as the texture of the fish meat was just right! It wasn't too hard and neither did it come with a fishy taste. The serving size was also fairly generous, considering that there is also the risotto to fill your tummy!

For the risotto, we thought the rice grains were a little hard - perhaps it was intentional that the restaurant tried to prepare it al dente! However, the coconut broth was amazing as it was really rich and we liked that there was a tinge of citrus flavour from the lemongrass in it. However, the broth was a little spicy and you might get a little satiated after a while due to the richness of the broth.

The dish was unlike most barramundi dishes that we tried previously, as those tend to serve the fish only with a drizzle of sauce! Will be glad to try this again if it stays on PS Cafe's menu!