Step into the restaurant and you will feel instantly transported to France. A renovated shop lot, the decor is very French and so I am expecting authentic French cooking. We ordered Foie Gras for our hot appetiser and it did not disappoint. Melts in your mouth, the foie gras is very fresh tasting with just a sprinkle of salt.

The rib eye was a tad over cooked on the outside with the middle closer to rare. The surprise was the lobster and seafood thermidor with buttered rice. The pieces of lobster and scallops where drenched in thick flavourful gravy and the buttered basmati rice was very fragrant and goes well with the thermidor gravy.

The confit duck was normal although I must say this is one of the few that I have had in Singapore that has a crispy skin but tender duck meat underneath. It was also easy to debone.

We were promised a dessert to celebrate my friends birthday but obviously there was a lack of communication between the staff and kitchen as we had to ask for the dessert which ended as the same madeleines they already served us earlier. Made us feel very cheap to have to ask for something so simple as a birthday celebration dessert. Big disappointment.

Unless I am craving authentic French food, not sure I’ll be back because of this negative experience at the end of an otherwise near perfect dining experience.

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