So excited that Kki Sweets is back, now available at a dedicated cake counter that is situated within The Providore at Downtown Gallery. The range does feel familiar yet a little different for peeps who had previously visited them while they were at SOTA; some of the items have been tweaked for a bit of change and there are a few new items to try as well.

Currently carrying no name, this is one of Kki's newest creations. Almost like a Mont Blanc in another form, the flavours of the chestnut mousse on the exterior subtly runs at the back of the tongue while the interior boasts of strong caramalised bittersweetness, with the apples creating a crunch. The overall execution is still undeniable Kki; very intricate, dainty and done to detail — smooth mousse with varied textures within and a very subtle flavours without being overly sweet nor strong. Glad that they are now back, which also means I know where to go to get my Kki fix now!