Before y’all start, yes, I know full well that paying fifty four dollars before service charge and tax for a beef goulash is insane. But hear me out: @interconsin @thelobbyloungesg Angus Beef Short Rib Goulash is the best damn goulash you’ll ever savour. The Lobby Lounge know full well that the asking price is astronomical, so they’ve stuffed the goulash full of sublime sapidity, and colossal chunks of Angus beef short rib.⠀

Angus beef is prized for its intense beefiness mixed with a proportionate amount of fat, and short rib is a notably fatty cut. Combine those two factors, and you get fabulously fatty chunks of beef that are full of flavour. Those short ribs are stewed low & slow for about twelve hours, absolutely tenderising all the fat & meat into a wobbly, nearly melt in your mouth beefy marvel. Yes, I cut into that hunk of beef with a spoon with minimal strength required.⠀

The stew itself was stunningly stellar, with the robust & supremely savoury beef stock getting upgraded by the tangy tomato purée. The beef & tomato combo is further enhanced by the carrots & potatoes leeching their sweetness & starchiness into the liquid, sweetening it and thickening it for a ridiculously robust stew. I kid you not, when I took a first bite out of this beef goulash, I slumped back into my incredibly comfy seat to contemplate life and the utter marvellousness of this brilliant beef goulash.⠀

The Lobby Lounge’s Angus Beef Short Rib Goulash is undeniably expensive, but it’s so heavenly that it should be a dish you save for special occasions, and then chase down with the sterling Spice Lane Old Fashioned. Thank you for changing my life with this glorious goulash @thelobbyloungesg, and thank you for the invite @accela.comms!

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