With Chinese New Year round the corner, the folks behind Non-Entree Dessert Cafe which serves creative reiterations of local desserts have released a Pineapple Tart dessert that is in line with the festivities. Using Caramalised Pineapple and Candied Ginger Coulis, the dessert is shaped just the way an exposed pineapple Tart would look like, with the pineapple cubes carrying a little sweetness while chunks of pineapple could be felt for a bite; the candied ginger coulis gives feel of it being a little fibrous within, while it combines with the pineapple to create a little zingy flavour to replicate the flavours of pineapple paste. Beneath, the pastry is reminiscent of the exposed pineapple tart; cookie-like and crusty though it's in the shape of a ring; the middle is left completely empty for the caramalised pineapple and candied ginger coulis to sit within.