4.5⭐ I'm craving for Italian food after watching Korean Variety Show "Europe Outside The Tent". All food items are entitled to 50% under Amex Love Dining as long as each of us ordered a main. There's complimentary bread served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. There's 2 type of bread are both served hot. I dislike restaurant which serve the bread cold. The bread is so good but we didnt have 2nd serving as there's more food go come. Next we have the calamari with arrabiata sauce. WB ordered this bcos he wanted to try the arrabiata sauce after watching the variety show. The calamari is huge and very chewy. I told WB the calamari here used fresh squid which is different from those frozen calamari. The pizza la nonna is the signature pizza of La Nonna. First time eating pizza with truffle and asparagus, it's surprisingly very good. There's alot of black truffle and yet the smell is very pleasant, not too strong. WB comment that the lasagna is even better than the one we had at Basilico. I have always been a lover of Tiramisu and had the whole Tiramisu to myself as WB is full. The tiramisu here is slightly on the softer side but nevertheless this rounded our very satisfied Italian meal.
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