Didn’t expect this treat from Annette - it must’ve been my lucky day!
Below is an excerpt of what I’d posted after my first taste of her unique one-dish creation many moons ago:

“Pork Belly Buah Keluak Nasi Biryani”. Yes, it is a mouthful of a name but every word is necessary to convey what this dish is - a literal melting pot of different races and cultures found in Singapore.
The pork belly that represents the Chinese (as it is a meat the majority seems to favour), is braised in a gravy of “buah keluak”, the black nut synonymous with Peranakan cooking till-fall-apart-tender. And although it smells just like a typical Indian Nasi Biryani, the fluffy rice of Annette’s version comes with an extra ingredient - a coating of the same said #buahkeluak.
Continuing the theme are the two condiments of ”achar” (pickled vegetables) and “sambal belacan” (fermented shrimp paste pounded with fresh chillies). Both of which have variations found across a couple of cuisines belonging to the main races in our country.”
I wouldn’t change a word. It is still all that ❤️😋😋