From the same people behind the famous Top Paddock. Kettle Black had a gorgeous modern chic interior - a nice change from the usual rustic industrial cafes we had been going too. This was our 3rd(?) meal of the day at 3pm so we just shared this one dish. Haven't tried any of the Singapore attempts, but I think I can't eat them anymore, cos this was Really Amazing. Crisp edges, super fluffy and light interior, crunchy bits, perfect amount of pure maple syrup and a dollop of creaminess. And how gorgeous was the plate? Even though we were so stuffed, we just kept digging in - it was a party in our mouths. Definitely worth the hype. And also... AUD$20! With the parity of SGD & AUD that was definitely cheaper than SG's for a higher quality!

HAHA there won't be a point in trying the sg ones for you anymore, not after this!