Came here for the ice cream but stayed for their seasonal waffle! Loving 2nd Serving: Artisan Gelato & Tea’s Fudgy Mochi Waffle ($7.50), I thoroughly enjoyed the decadent chocolatey flavour. Though a little cloying towards the end, the batter was not that dense - a great balance of crisp and soft. The chewy bites of mochi scattered in the mix were also fun and delightful. Quite the greedy pair, my friend and I got 3 premium flavours to share (thanks Burpple Beyond Deal); Pu Er, Banana Honey Roasted Nuts, and Roasted Pistachio. All decent and competent, the flavours of the gelato were fairly distinct ($4.50/single scoop, $8/ double scoop, +$1 for premium flavors). The classic Pistachio was sufficiently nutty and didn’t taste all that milky. The Pu Er was earthy and not cloying. My favourite was the Banana Honey Roasted Nuts, though it is the sweetest of the three, it tasted like banana puree (very strong yet natural in flavour) with a good crunch from the studded nuts.

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