Came by without reservations on a Tuesday night and managed to get a table, but rsvp recommended as the place was pretty packed! Ambience was cosy and I love that they served orange-infused water. Staff were busy but attentive — they kept topping off our glasses.

We ordered off the ala carte dinner menu:
1) Seafood risotto
Served with mussels, prawn and chorizo, garnished with dollops of mayo and bonito flakes.

2) Kurobuta pork collar
Fatty cut with fresh tomatoes on the side and crispy pork cracker.

3) Iberico pork tomahawk
Comes with rum infused pineapples and salty biscuits (turns out its pistachio crust)

4) Rib eye
Medium-rare doneness with fresh tomatoes, garnished with fried shallots

Each individual grain stood out in the risotto, which goes great with their seafood. The rice absorbed the stock well and the prawns were nicely charred. The mussels were not great (sandy), but a pretty nice dish.

The pork collar dish was really soft and fatty, almost like jelly. Succulent meat. Not bad. The cracker was a nice accompaniment as well.

In contrast to their pork collar, the iberico pork tomahawk was largely lean meat. It also came with odd pairings, rum pineapple and pistachio crust, that worked well together. I enjoyed the salty biscuit with the tomahawk!

Rib eye was cooked to preferred doneness, no complains for this dish.

Overall the food was great and I had a lovely experience. We definitely chose too much protein, and I’d love to try their pasta dishes here next time!

Used Burpple Beyond for the above and spent about $33 each for a group of three :) the staff also proactively asked if we were using any app which I appreciate!