My favourite of the night! I love chilli dumplings and I love knife cut noodles, and Abundance did this so right. The sauce was so good - a nice punch of vinegar to make it appetising, a light umami flavour to give the noodles the required savouriness, and a good amount of chilli oil to give the noodles the smoothness it needs and that spicy punch. I’m not sure if their noodles are handmade, but the texture was somehow really well done. A nice bounce with every bite. The pork and shrimp dumplings were delightful as well. Evidently huge from the photo, and stuffed with a generous portion of filling. Though it could’ve been juicier, having a bite of the dumpling together with the noodles is satisfying enough for me. Highly recommend this dish if you loved red hot chilli dumpling noodles! Don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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