Today was pretty much a tour of the east to get all my dessert cravings settled once and for all .

Before heading for Putu piring at Haig Road , I stopped by brownrice because I have read quite a bit of good reviews by burpplers.

Nice to know that while you are rewarding your palate , your body gets rewarded with all the good stuff too. Made with organic brown rice and other plant based ingredients , these ice creams are lower in calories and easy on tummy 🤗

I tried the green tea , mocha, earl grey but the best to me was really the hazelnut - really the star ⭐️ flavour. So rich and nutty and creamy - this was a winner for me . Paired with a vegan cone which was crisp and relatively less sweet than commercial cones , this was a lovely dessert .

The cafe was not comfortable to sit in though because it was actually quite stuffy and hot so a takeaway would be best.

As I whizzed down the street - I was happy to have my ice cream in hand and enjoying It very bit while i saw a Long beeline for the gelato at birds of paradise 🤗