One of my favourite pastimes is walking into coffee shops just to get a cup of pick-me-up. Then half of the time, I’d feel like I could use an accompanying plate of cake or pastry cause well…having a drink on its own just doesn’t cut it. 😃

This happened the other day I was in Kampong Bahru for an appointment and chanced upon Grey Area Coffee Roasters.

I got a cup of Hot Chocolate ($6.50 est), but decided on a whim to have a slice of their Banana Bread ($4), which was recommended.

Not bad, though I prefer my banana breads to be as moist as they can get! To be completely transparent, this got drier towards the rim/crust. But I suppose a drink aids in balancing that out, so it was all good in my books. 🥸

They do have other bakes available like brownies, cookies, and quiche for the #teamsavoury people! (7/10)

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