do nut cake this away from me by Christabel Tan

If you've never taken a liking to the regular fried yeast donuts we're all familiar with, you should give the kurozu donuts at Kakuida's a try. I would consider them to fall within the category of "cake donuts", but then again they're not super cakey, being soft, dense, and springy with a spongy interior (try poking it, just for fun).

Out of the 3 flavours I tried, the sweet and eggy Original ($1.90) was the best, tasting like a cross between castella cake and Cantonese "Ma Lai Gao". Matcha ($2.20) came in at a close second, with a subtle earthiness that slowly grew on me. As for the Chocolate ($2.20), it was sub-par, having a run-of-the-mill (almost artificial-ish) chocolate flavour I didn't appreciate.

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