There is an alternative for everything — it's often that Liho runs out of their cheese drinks so it was good to come across Living Botanica at Marina Bay Link Mall which serves up a range of Cheesiato drinks — cream cheese mixed with milk foam that acts like a savoury form of macchiato foam atop tea, matcha or even coffee.

Unlike Liho's version which comes with stringy cheese, the Cheesiato at Living Botanica comes with a consistently smooth cheese foam over the drink; the flavours of the cheese is also less stark (though still pretty evident) and felt better integrated with the Peach Oolong Tea that was actually pretty fragrant. If there is anything that is to be improved, the cup lid wasn't really as friendly as Liho's; the flap was a little difficult to fiddle with and a little messy to handle with all the cream cheese foam stuck on it.