Didn't have high expectations for this seeing how other areas review accounts showcased their stingy fillings in their buns, but I was pleasantly surprised by this bun 😍

There was quite a substantial amount of sweet potato filling inside, which basically tasted like pure sweet potato without any added sugar or flavourings. It was super smooth and delicious. The bun was very soft, unlike the peanut soboro, and it retained it's soft texture even after being in the fridge. The filling-to-bread ratio was spot on and each bite had an adequate amount of sweet potato and soft bread.

Definitely a huuuuuge step up from the peanut soboro bun, and this being my first ever sweet potato bun, it has certainly captured my attention and now I look forward to trying more such buns. For $1, this bun is an absolute STEAL. But $2.60? That's a little too much for a relatively simple bun, even if it is really good.

⭐ Rating: 8.7/10 sweet pachycephalosauruses
🤑 worth the price: Original price of $2.60, no
🦖 would I buy again: not at the original price
💍 would I marry: YES