Check out these delicious Indonesian bento sets we had for lunch recently, that was ordered and delivered from IndoChili:

~Nasi Kuning Rendang Set ($18)
~Ayam Goreng Kremes Set ($14)
~Ayam Besengek Set ($15)
~Gado Gado Set ($12)

The set that I had was the Nasi Kuning Rendang Set, and I really enjoyed it! The beef rendang was well-seasoned and very flavorful, while the turmeric rice was tasty and aromatic! My parents had the other 2 Ayam (chicken) sets, and they were full of praise for their respective sets as well! These sets all came with fiery sambal balacan chili that was super shiok too! Lastly, we shared the Gado Gado Set, and we loved the peanut sauce that tasted so rich and not watery!

If you’re keen to order their food or check out their menu for delivery, you can do so at Islandwide delivery is available, and there’s free delivery for orders above $70. Or if you’re fully vaccinated, you can head down to any of their 2 outlets to dine in instead.