Gyocos are a work of genius; essentially crisp and savoury gyoza skin sushi tacos generously stuffed with either Wasabi Butter Beef or Salmon and Tuna ($8.90 each) and other garnishes wrapped with seaweed.

The former has really tender and flavourful slices of beef, although the wasabi butter could be more apparent, but regardless, it's really tasty.

As y'all should know by now, I don't eat seafood but I was feeling daring enough to try the salmon and tuna so I gave it a go, and quite surprisingly the many layers helped to cover up any strong seafood tastes, which is a great thing for me. 😆

Every aspect of the Gyoco is important to make it work, especially the gyoza skin which really ups the wow factor overall, and I am so glad to say this is far from being a gimmick! 😎 No doubt this would be a nice alternative to rice bowls if you aren't in the mood for that.

Kyodai is a Japanese takeout joint reminiscent of the stalls you'd typically see along Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. It is situated right next to Hotel Bencoolen, opposite NAFA. There are limited seats available if you wish to dine there.

Shout out to @smithankyou and @darr3n0ng for the invite and @kyodaisg for hosting us for this tasting session! 👊

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