Starts your day with a cup of aromatic black coffee that is topped off with a slab of butter. The marriage of Kopi and butter was heavenly, giving a smooth texture. Personally, I prefer the Kopi O Butter or Kopi O Gu You as the taste was more outstanding without the milk.

Unlike most coffee shops in Singapore, their bread is toasted on a charcoal fire, thereafter, they will process it by scraping away the black parts and spreading the traditional canned kaya over it. Lastly, they will include a slice of butter within.

The eggs are only prepared upon ordering, thus there is a wait of about 6-8 minutes. These half-boiled eggs were already cracked for customers and therefore we do not have to do it by ourselves. Enjoy them with some dashes of pepper and dark soya sauce.

If you want to have a feel of enjoying some traditional breakfast in old settings, a visit to Heap Seng Leong will definitely give you that experience.

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