@harryssingapore Curried Lamb Shank ($30++) is one of the entrées in the Asian Palate selection menu section. As such, it’s eligible for #burpplebeyond as long as you get another of the same dish. The free dish is obviously going to be the lower priced one, and since the Curried Lamb Shank is the most expensive dish on the menu, it’s unlikely that you’re gonna save thirty bucks.⠀

Still, the lamb is well worth its pricey admission fee. You get the leg of lamb, which is cooked quite agreeably and doused in a satisfyingly savoury curry. Think more north Indian curry and butter chicken-ish than our beloved Singaporean nyonya curry, and you’ve got Harry’s curry. The luscious, velvety curry adequately obfuscates the ubiquitous gamey odour that lamb naturally carries, and flavours the meat marvellously. It’s sweet & tangy from what I assume to be the tomatoes that are an integral part of the gravy, and it’s salted sensationally.⠀

As for the meat itself, it was cooked a little too long for my liking as it was starting to go a little grey, but it still retained tremendous tenderness and fell apart relatively easily. While this is definitely not the most luscious lamb dish out there, it’s rather commendable for a pub. Shoot, I might just rob another Mary of her little lamb.