If a buffet doesn’t serve up whole roasted turkey during Christmas season, is it really Christmas? Beach Road Kitchen, just like every other self respecting buffet restaurant out there, has a full bird on deck. However, unlike many others this year, they’re keeping it pure and taking the purist approach instead of adding mala spices, marmalades or what have you to the turkey.

Taste wise, it’s bang on target. It’s satisfyingly savoury and the skin is a riot of redolent herbs & spices that would put the Colonel out of commission. Unfortunately, they decided to shred the turkey meat instead of having a guy behind the line slicing it to order, and as such, most of the moisture is lost.

Also, without any thick, tantalising gravy, or cranberry sauce, or stellar stuffing to accompany the turkey, the turkey felt decidedly incomplete and lacking. It’s still a decent bird for the night, but it could be a lot more fulfilling.