@mcdsg has dropped their new Singaporean burger just in time for National Day, and this year it’s a Laksa Delight Prawn Burger ($11 for the full set). McDonald’s set a pretty high benchmark with last year’s Hainanese Chicken Burger, and the Laksa Delight is a worthy successor.⠀

The prawn patty is the same one used in the Hokkaido Shrimp Burger a while back, and the texture is acceptably firm. A fried egg is the prawn patty’s plus one to bulk up the burger, and in typical McDonald’s style, it’s fried until all the yolk goes solid which isn’t the best. However, what is the best is the laksa sauce spread on the top bun. ⠀

The laksa sauce is remarkably authentic, loaded full of spices and flavours everyone expects from laksa: spicy, umami from the dried shrimp & shrimp paste that goes into the spice mix, the pungency of turmeric, the fragrance of galangal, and the richness of the coconut milk. McDonald’s laksa sauce is one of the richer renditions out there, easily able to put many actual laksas out there to shame. The only disappointment with this burger is that there isn’t nearly enough luscious laksa sauce to satisfy me.⠀

It’s quite impressive for a global burger chain to capture the essence of a beloved local dish like laksa and apply it splendidly to a burger. While their mascot may be a clown, @mcdsg does know a thing or two about good food.

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