Checked out the new D’Vine Cafe which is situated at 149 Tyrwhitt Road — located just right beside Sweet Cheeks Gelato’s outlet along the same stretch and also just opposite Chye Seng Huat Hardware (itself now pretty much a landmark in this neighbourhood), D’Vine Cafe is the latest addition to this neighbourhood. With an interior that is decked with wooden furnishing and fittings, the space can be said as warm and inviting — the faux greenery hanging form above does help to provide a closeness to nature that brings life into its space. The menu at D’Vine Cafe is pretty much what one would expect out of a cafe that serves food alongside specialty coffee — it is divided in several sections, comprising that of All Day Brunch, Mains, Sides and Sweets. Beverages available at D’Vine Cafe includes specialty coffee; some of which being their signature concoctions — think Osmanthus Latte and Iced Tiramisu Monster Latte with Tiramisu Cap, as well as iced and hot teas.

The food items listed on the menu at D’Vine Cafe can be said pretty much as conventional cafe fare — an example being the Kimchi Loaded Fries and the Creamy Baked Mac N Cheese which we had both went for. Whilst the Creamy Baked Mac N Cheese would probably appeal to those whom prefer heavier-tasting food in general, the Kimchi Loaded Fries would work out as an item that is likely to go with most tastebuds. Sure; the composition of the dish is fairly simple — think elements such as sriracha mayo, kimchi and spiced cheese, but we did appreciate how it wasn’t doused in heaps of sauce despite coming not only with kimchi, but also with two different types of sauces. The fries were well-executed; sufficiently crisp whilst not being greasy, while it works well with the sauces in general and being a vehicle for everything that sits above it. It is noted that the spiced cheese listed in the description of the item is more of a nacho cheese sauce; the entire mix of spiced cheese, sriracha mayo and kimchi provides for a savoury note with a slight touch of spiciness with a zing — pretty appealing since the kimchi also give a refreshing crunch that refreshes the taste buds from all the sauces and fries. Generally, a crowd pleaser that does get a little difficult to stop once one starts to dig in.

With specialty cafes these days moving on from conventional brunch fare and towards more progressive forms of contemporary cuisine, D’Vine Cafe’s menu may be seen by some as a little uninspiring without much surprises. While some of the items do look more like a compilation of elements on one plate, we were pretty satisfied with the various items we had ordered here — pretty much good comfort food that would work for those who aren’t too picky with how simple the items are. We were actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee we were getting as well; whilst most of such establishments do not serve coffee that is on par with cafes that are part of the third-wave coffee movement, D’Vine Cafe did serve up a mean Osmanthus Latte that is well-pulled — one with decent latte art which is smooth and creamy, comes with a somewhat medium body and an earthy flavour profile that makes for a good base to the floral notes it carries. No doubt they do seem to carry less character to the more established players within the same neighbourhood like Chye Seng Huat Coffee, Apartment Coffee and Two Bakers just to name a few, but they did certainly make for a more than just decent alternative location for those who can settle with the dishes that they offer here.