From Modus, a relatively new stall at The Food Inn at Esplanade Xchange; they serve up grain bowls (or plates), all of them served with quinoa along with a selection of pre-defined condiments according to the options one chooses.

The Japanese Bowl comes with Aburi Salmon, Tsukemono, Corn Kernel and Furikake. Quinoa was well-prepared; fluffy and light without any unpleasant gritty bits around, while the corn helps to add a little sweetness to every spoonful. Aburi Salmon carried a little smokiness from the torching. The entire dish has its flavours ante up by the Furikake and the sour Tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables that gives it a serious kick with its intense tanginess) while the optional poached egg (charged at 50 cents) was a little short of oozy, flowy action that would help flavour up the quinoa.