When you have a friend who constantly raves about their steak, you got to put this in your list of steakhouses to visit 🤭.

Lawry's Cut ($142++)
Each cut comes with a salad, mash potato, and Yorkshire pudding. Lawry's cut is a pretty huge cut (285g) that's shareable with 2, unless you have a really huge appetite.

We opted for medium rare, and the steak, despite the thickness, was surprisingly really tender! 🤤 Each rib roast is aged for at least 21 days and slowly roasted, which is no wonder they're so tender!

The Yorkshire pudding was really interesting, it was crispy, and meant to be paired with the sauce on the steak plate. It's really crispy, and slightly reminds of french toast with its light eggy flavour. It also soaks up the sauce really well, which made it a pretty good combination.