[Available on Burpple Beyond] It’s a pretty amazing thing to know that Burpple has finally hit the talk of the town status among my circle of friends with Burpple Beyond. I remember being introduced to it and got so excited because I truly felt that it was a step in the right direction and of course, value for money with good food! 😍

Me and my friends swung by Marina Square for dinner. They were dying to have me try this one out as they’ve had the food before at their other outlet, to which they were coloured impressed.

And I can see why! There was a pretty good flavour to this from the cream sauce - and the gnocchis were satisfyingly bouncy and chewy with every bite. For those whose palates are familiar with gnocchis though, I’m quite certain this doesn’t exactly embody the usual texture. I was fine with it though!

Real talk though - I did start to feel queasy towards the end, but alas, nothing that chili flakes couldn’t fix. 😇 This place also does not charge you GST, which makes a Burpple Beyond deal here a knockout. 👊🏽✨