Not gonna lie to you folks, the #burpplebeyond selection at @khaohomsg is pretty limited. You can pick from the salads, stir fries & rice/noodle section, but any and all seafood is completely off the table. A little bit of a bummer, given that Khao Hom seems to be a seafood specialist.⠀

Fortunately, you can get the Kao Ka Moo ($9++) with Burpple Beyond. Despite having ‘Moo’ in the name, there’s no bovine here, and is actually the Thai version of braised pork knuckles. It’s done decently, with tender, moist meat that’s satisfyingly salty & herbaceous from the braising. The skin is fantastically fatty & wobbly, with collagen in copious supply just under the skin.⠀

As for the other dish, it’s a simple stir fried mixed vegetable dish ($10++). A variety of veggies are stir fried over infernal heat with what tastes like oyster sauce till perfection, and in this case, simplicity sufficiently satisfies.⠀

Thank you for having us, @burpple & @khaohomsg!