From Sens W. Martin at tastë in Raffles Holland V — it's well hidden at the basement together with the supermarket. Dine-in tables are available, with a good mix of counter seats and dining tables around. Menu features a mix of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, teppanyaki and Don — pretty extensive as one flips through the menu

Quite a decent bowl that is served at a place which seemed to be focused on all sorts of Japanese cuisine; lightly-battered and crisp fried items atop a bed of fluffy Japanese rice drizzled with a little sauce for flavour. Liked how the Tempura were all crisp without being too greasy. Some crispy bits of battered is scattered over the rice to give a little crispy texture throughout. The shrimps were pretty fresh in particularly; sweet and coated with the light and crisp batter. Overall, it's not the sort of (trending) Tendon that is particularly too heavy and leaves one overwhelmingly full, but it's that one comforting bowl that I would like to go for if I were to be thinking about having a good bowl of Tempura above rice.