Used 1for1 seafood bucket deal and ordered 2 different sauces - Furikake Butter Cream Sauce (non spicy) and Korean Omo Omo (Sweet & Spicy). Most patrons here for the buffet bbq. Cos we not having bbq, we have the option to sit indoors (air conditioned). To our surprise, we can help ourselves to the cooked food and drinks counter of the buffet self service area.

1 portion stated as good for 2 pax but maybe we are small eaters haha. The staff helped us to open the non-spicy portion first and by the end, we (4pax) were all so full already. The furikake bits were yummy. The sauce is abit on the lemony sauce.

End up dapao the other portion home. Staff very kindly helped us to pack in a cooler bag and also offered honey lemon drink.

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