Featured here are the following food items:

Kra Pow Chicken Rice: Stir how ried minced chicken with fluffy steamed jasmine rice. I love how the spicyness level was just right, not overly spicy. Enough sauce was given too! Comfort food!

Pad Thai: This is the classic phad thai dish with sliced chicken and egg! I love how the pad thai still tasted good and was springy even though it was a takeaway order.

Creamy Tomyum Springy Noodle: This tom yum soup is hot and sour! Made with the perfect blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Crispy golden wanton skin is also given to top off the noodles! For takeaway orders, the noodles and crispy golden wanton skins are all separately packed!

Flame Grilled Ayam Legend: For this dish, a marinated and seasoned chicken thigh is grilled to perfection! Very juicy and tender! Do remember to dip it with the chilli sauce provided, it was a super good combination!

Fried Chicken Skin:For the once in a while indulgence, do try this crispy chicken skin! It was super flavourful, and it reminded me of KFC chicken! Love the marination used for the fried chicken skin!

Hot Steamy Sangkayaa:this is my FAVOURITE food item to get whenever I am in Thailand. And I am glad to be able to enjoy this in Singapore too! The bread was soft and fluffy! Super love the luscious kaya dip that is coconut and fragrant! I only wish there were more kaya dip option choices like those in Thailand :P

Cha yen and Cha Keow Yen: All thai meals arenโ€™t complete if you don't get a iced thai tea! I like how the sweetness level was just right, and it was not super diluted!

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