It’s the Mid Autumn Festival, but celebrating it with mooncakes is too mainstream. I celebrated it with pomelo mango tart instead, and rebelling against tradition tastes so devilishly good. Sure, pomelo is definitely traditional for mid autumn, but the rest of the tart? Not so much.⠀

A buttery, crumbly tart is filled with crème pâtissière and mango purée, and garnished with a few shards of paper thin almond Florentine and some pomelo flesh. The crème was notably sweet and diluted the flavours of the milder mango gelée, which is a bit of a shame as the mango gelée was made purely with fresh mangoes.⠀

However, it was still a tasty tart, but the pomelo really promoted this tart to memorable status. Pomelo isn’t particularly flavourful, but it is definitely juicy due to it being about ninety percent water, and the refreshing, temperately zesty little bursts from the pomelo as you nibble away at the tart balances out the sweetness with gushes of invigoration.⠀

The florentine is also incredibly noteworthy even on it’s own, as the delectably sweet & charmingly crunchy candy is generously zested with a copious amount of citrus, probably lemon. It’s the ideal equity between sweet & sour, with the sugary rush more than enough to quell any candy cravings, and the sour, zesty zap from the citrus keeping you going back for more.⠀

Sure, at $11.90++ a tart the expense is pretty eye-watering, but it’s a hell of a lot economical than the average mooncake. It delivers the same amount of saccharine satisfaction, and for that reason, I see this as an absolute win.