Throwback to the food we had in Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.
Cream of corn soup (380 Yen): warm soup which provides comfort to our tummies admist the cooling weather.
Flank steak with Japanese sauce (1,140 Yen): The steak was a little dry but the sauce was tasty.
Rotisserie Chicken with garlic seasoning (1,340 Yen): the meat was quite rough as they gave me breast meat :( Would have been better with more sauce.
Passion fruit cream roll cake with souvenir plate (750 Yen): love this light fruity cake, and this plate is really pretty! Helps that it's one of the location based merchandise plate.

Chocolate cake: This seemingly boring looking cake was moist and yummy!
Drink + Cheshire Cat tumbler as souvenir: Cos I wanted the tumbler, we had to buy a drink in order to get this. Lol.

Overall, I think the food is nothing to shout about, but I really love the whimsical design of this theme restaurant and the souvenir plates / cups.