Here's my two cents on a couple of goodies from Brother Bird's new croissant lineup. I believe they're available till 15/9.

The Matcha Pain au Chocolat ($4) instantly became a favourite of mine. Not too drastic a change from its predecessor, the White Chocolate Matcha, but with an added element: rich dark chocolate enveloped within layers and layers of flaky pastry.

The Ferrero Rocher (filled) Mochi Croissant ($5), makes for a decadent teatime treat, being full of sweet hazelnut praline cream with a nutty chocolate glaze. It didn't exactly taste like the famous confectionery though. I would've liked for them to have incorporated more hazelnuts, and maybe even some sort of wafer element?

[Further R&D for this current mochi croissant lineup may very well be in the works, according to their Instagram page. We shall stay tuned.]