Besides shucking fresh oysters, @goodmangroupsingapore does have a small selection of cooked food. Considering that their Kinex outlet is quite a small place, I think we can excuse their lack of entrées on the menu.⠀

Out of the half dozen or so mains, the Goodman Classic Fish & Chips sounded the most appealing to me. At $12.90 nett, these fish & chips were decent enough for the price of admission. Two fish (probably dory) fillets are seasoned lightly, battered, and deep fried till they attain a glorious golden hue. The fish is decent enough, with just enough moisture retained and a sufficiently crispy batter. However, it does rely very heavily on the tartar sauce for sufficient flavouring.⠀

Truth be told, this ain’t really fish & chips, but just fish & fries. Still a decent chippy though, and I liked the coleslaw which was leaning towards the sweet end of the spectrum as a palate cleanser. With $1.90 oysters, affordably priced entrées, and nine buck pints of beer from the tap, the good lads at Goodman are doing some seriously good work.