The rosti is something we always get at Marche as we love their rosti quite a lot even though it is a little pricey - it's around $6++ for the rosti and another $7++ for the chicken sausage so do be prepared to spend a little for this dish!

We love the rosti because it is really crispy on the outside and yet the inside is soft and has a slight buttery taste. Pair the potato with the sour cream served along the sides to add an additional layer of flavour, although you may want to try a little of the sour cream first as it does not suit everyone's taste buds! The chicken sausage is great as well given it's serving size and generous cheese filling. However, you should be careful when taking your first bite into the sausage as the cheese can be really hot! 😰

We visited Marche for an early dinner on Saturday (~5.30 pm) and it was rather empty, so you could get a table quite easily then. The restaurant filled up quite significantly later in the evening, and it might have been more difficult to get a table since the restaurant does not accept reservations on weekends!