Located within Savourworld at Science Park Drive a short walk away from Kent Ridge MRT Station is Ramen Atelier, which is a ramen bar which employs French influences for their Ramen which includes two other Ramen in the menu; Ramen Blanc and Ramen Noir.

It was a rainy day, so I went for the spicy option. Probably not the most qualified person to talk about Ramen here considered it's not something I would usually order, but the lightly-flavoured Tonkotsu broth was rich and rather appetising especially with all the baby tomatoes within that were cooked till soft and releases the zesty juices when one bites onto them; the finish is actually rather clean without a lingering aftertaste. They also use tomato seasoning, garlic, onion, herbes de provence, bay leaves and butter in the tonkotsu broth. Onsen egg was done just right with the satisfying gooey and flowy egg yolk while the chashu was meaty without a stench but also one of the most tender ones I have ever had in a ramen. Not sure if this actually hits the tastebuds of hardcore ramen lovers, but their unique twist does catch mine pretty well!