The folks behind Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique are back at it again with yet another new outlet. Following the recent expansion where they had just opened their doors at Craig Road several months ago, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique’s newest outpost is situated at Beach Road. Located along the same stretch of shophouses where other notable establishments such as Hvala and The Coconut Club are also at, the Beach Road outlet of Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique is largely a takeaway store — save for a few “bench” seats located at the entrance of the store.

Having tried multiple flavours of their gelato at this current stage at various outlets, we opted for the Earl Grey + Lemongrass gelato. Described on the card at the display fridge as a “Perk-me-up bergamot at the first mouthful & calming lemongrass to the finish”, the gelato does deliver what it promises — typical of the gelatos from Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, one can expect the flavours here to be more towards the lighter side yet creamy and smooth; it does carry that tea-like aroma at the front, but finishes with a refreshing hint of lemongrass that gives it a clean note. Still prefer the Thyme Cone to be paired with the Spiced Pear or the White Chrysanthemum with Cacao Nibs, though I would say the botanical notes the come through a little with this one.

Despite its rather fast expansion of the late, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique does seem to be able to hold on to serving gelato of the same quality that they have been known for ever since they have opened their doors at The Red House along East Coast Road a couple of years ago. Being the brand name that has solidified their presence in the local dining scene by introducing the concept of botany-themed gelato and maintaining their reputation through consistency in quality and innovation — we wish the folks behind Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique all the best in what is to come!

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