If there’s one thing that will probably never go out of style, it’s matcha in its entirety. That includes houjicha as well.

When this first came to me and I got a whiff of its aroma, I immediately thought of one thing - waffle crisp cereals. The honeyed smell is somehow accentuated by the earthy, woody aroma of houjicha. Already, it was very inviting.

Taste-wise, I will admit - I could not make out the slightest tinge of houjicha. And that’s perfectly fair, because cooking it in the form of a waffle can change the original flavour. I’m not sure how exactly, but I’m quite sure there’s some food chemistry at work. 😂

Yet, I still enjoyed this. The waffle came with a delicate crisp and was chunky, moist. For perspective, it is really close to the texture of waffles you’d get at Fatcat Ice Cream Bar.

The momo sencha gelato was creamy, and had a balanced sweetness and a jab of bright, peachy flavour. I didn’t get much green tea notes though, in hindsight, which you may want to note, especially if you’re a matcha martyr. 😅 (7.4/10)

PS. I came to Natter at 4pm on a Saturday and it was still tranquil and quiet. But soon enough, it started filling up more and more seats. Sad because I wanted a peaceful dining experience hahaha. 😩

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