Chinese desserts from @yatkayan!

Have been seeing alot of posts for Yat Ka Ya Desserts appearing all over my IG newsfeed. Had bookmarked it, but didnt take a closer look as to the exact location of the place. Was at Fortune Centre for a meal and was wandering around Level 2 locating the toilet when we spotted a loooonggg queue from afar, and look and behold, it was the Yat Ka Yan that I have been eyeing! And so I jumped right into the queue with no hesitation lol! Even though the queue was long, the wait was actually pretty fast. They will allocate seats for you after you order too, so no need to fret over finding seats!

We tried out the Yammy Chendol ($5.50), which was essentially chendol + orh nee, since it looked pretty unique! Plus we were craving for both chendol and orh nee, so why not have both in the same bowl!

Love the combination, it wasnt weird actually! But I was wondering throughout eating why the ice shavings melted soooooo fast! Way too fast! Or maybe the place was just too humid and hot. The gula melaka syrup was also slightly too sweet for me. But I totally love the green jellies, and their version was saltier, pretty unique! (hehe no comments for the red beans because I left that for my dining partner to eat heh). This is good for sharing between 2 pax, if you dont have an especially sweet tooth!

Will be back again to try the hot desserts such as the walnut paste and pure yam paste! Another dessert place to check out in the Bugis area!

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