Some sushi snobs sneer at @sushirosingapore , but I find it to be a satisfactory sushi spot perfect for getting your sushi craves satiated. Two of their basic sushis ($2.30++ each) are paragons of Sushiro’s entire philosophy: simple, passable sushi that’s affordable.⠀

The Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly comes as a single nigiri, which is understandable considering the cut of salmon and the pricing. The salmon belly was indeed fatty, and blowtorching it seared some of the fat and added a little char, enhancing the flavour of this fatty fish. Next to no chewing was required, as the fat in the salmon belly starts to melt in your mouth, causing the slice of salmon belly to disintegrate. The grated ginger topping was quite weird atop the salmon belly, almost akin to finding a shark in a tree. You don’t know how it got there, but you just know that it’s not supposed to be there.⠀

The Tuna With Soy Sauce met expectations, with two nigiris sporting decently sized slices of akami (lean tuna). The tuna was nice and fresh, with an enjoyable meaty bite. Brushed down with soy sauce and garnished with scallions, all that was needed was a dollop of wasabi. Sushiro’s selection is extensive, so there’s a lot more stellar sushi than the torched salmon belly & tuna to savour.

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