This is perfecto — hadn't had a rice bowl that left me this impressed in a while.

Heard quite a number of good things about Garang Grill, but the large platters served during dinner hours isn't something I am able to go for so the new lunch bowls launched a week ago suits me entirely — individual portions of meat and served in rice bowl form; absolutely a sucker for rice bowls here.

The Crispy Pork Cheek Bowl was a clear option for me when I was reading through the recommendations — clearly did not disappoint with an impressive Fat to lean meat ratio, incredibly tender and succulent cuts that is cut along the grain with a crisp, charred exterior; it's something I would say that I will never ever get sick of — meat lovers would definitely like how it's not at all chewy nor porky which was really remarkable. The rice bowl comes with Olive Fried Rice; just a whiff of wok hei and pretty lightly fragrant and comes with some cranberries for a little sweetness — the same as the sort of rice you would get from Mediterranean joints. I liked the spicy tomato chutney especially; sweet, a little tangy and suitably spicy, it feels a little bit like kimchi but softer and less sour and fits the rice bowl well. Sous-vide egg was jiggly and flowy as promised; mix it into the rice for a silky texture. My bowl was missing if pomegranate however, though honestly I am not a big fan of pomegranate so it wasn't bothering me at all. Let's just say it's a bowl that wasn't overwhelming with a burst of flavours but one that was light yet appetizing. I am definitely willing to have this again, any time.