[HIROSHIMA, JAPAN] We found a very unique izakaya with retro vibes and music, and their food is not bad as well! Very glad that they have an English menu or we will be confused by their enormous menu πŸ˜‚

We ordered quite a few varieties of food, from kushiyaki to yakitori to cooked dishes. One of our favourites was their Fried Eggplant, as it was juicy on the inside and so light and crispy outside!

Their pork cheek grilled skewers were good as well, as they were meaty, rather tender and did not have a foul pork odour.

The highlight had to be the Fried Dough with Soy Flavour, as it reminded us of a really fresh sugared doughnut. A great finish to the meal.

The total meal cost 5,000 yen for the 2 of us, which may be rather expensive but the vibes made up for it!