Only yesterday i saw a video of someone making coco cream from frozen young coconut flesh! just like the (ba)nana ice cream.. and voila! Today i found Froco, Frozen Coconut! Just as the young boy handed me the sample i was intrigued! He claimed it is made from Thai young coconut flesh and only has about 1% of diary.. And yes, that smooth silky refreshing coconut texture ans taste got me hooked! I bought the short one for $3.80, i was imagining atap seed would go well as a topping, and unfortunately they don't have it, however the jackfruit topping i had instead didn't dissapoint me (additional $0.80) , the tropical flavours compliment each other really well and i really like the jackfruit crunchy flesh! I prefer this over froyo, anytime! 👍🏼

Me too! 😄