By accident, we ended up at Lam’s Abalone Soup and ordered their Salt Baked Chicken Drumstick Rice set ($6.80) and Abalone Soup ($18.80).

First if all, there are not that many places in Singapore left where you can eat Hakka Salt Baked Chicken, if you exclude the homemade one. I know of only 2. Lam’s version is served straight out of the paper wrap after the crusted salt has been removed. The chicken is tender and umami, with juices sealed in during the baking process. It goes very well with the chilli sauce which was spicy and tangy. As we were late there wasn’t any sausage rice left so we had to contend with plain rice.

As for the abalone soup, you get a whole abalone in the soup. Don’t expect a three head abalone for 18 dollars. It’s pretty small but it is tender and not chewy. There is also chicken feet in the soup and slices of conch with bits of dried scallop, garnished with Chinese parsley and peppered with wolf berry seeds. All these lends to a very tasty soup, full of umami and just a hint sweet from the wolf-berry seeds.

The only complain I have is Lam’s is a corner shop lot and we are literally sitting 5 feet away from mainstream traffic. So the smell of exhaust and noise pollution spoils the overall experience. Learnt my lesson. I’ll be back but next time, I’ll head for their Parkway Parade outlet.