It was so gobsmackingly yummy I was gonna write a whole essay, but ok I know tl;dr you guys’d be plenty bored — so let me try to keep this as short as I can. Three words: mfkin’ bloody delicious. We started our meal with this Dadinhos de Sago. It’s essentially a little Brazilian street chow of tapioca and cheese, which does sound a tad foreign buuuuuut tastes hella amazing. The closest approximation I can recall would be those little Brazilian cheese bread; so imagine that, but better. These little cubes are fried to a perfect golden on the exterior, crisp and crunchy, and when you bite in oh boy those chewy yet light little sago pearls are so so oddly addictive?! It’s cheesy without being overwhelmingly creamy or jelak as well so really I could down the whole portion myself AND still want more. Can I also give a standing ovation to that dragonfruit chutney served in the side? Beautifully perfumed with cardamom and garam masala, absolutely stunning with the dadinhos de sago. Now I can wax lyrical the whole night, so please just trust me when I ask you to get yo ass there and try this.

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