@sevenscafe.sg tremendously terrific tarts are a prime example of why freshness is so vital to food. The mango tarts & blueberry tarts are both equally simple: built upon a competently constructed tart base lies a pool of crème pâtissière and a mountain of fresh blueberries or mangoes.⠀

The crème is restrainedly saccharine and ravishingly smooth. It pulls double duty as the binder that ties the fruit & pastry together, as well as lube for the tart. As for the tart base itself, it’s expertly constructed, withstanding the moisture of the créme with aplomb, but it crumbles easily and a bit messily once you bite down into it.⠀

The fruits are the star attraction, and the ripe, sumptuously sweet fruits are undeniable superstars. The blueberries are little blue bombs of sweet & sour sprightliness that really delight your senses. As for the mangoes, they are succulent & sweet, regardless of the way they’re presented. They’re also alluringly creamy & firm, and every bite is confirmation that these superb mangoes are at peak freshness & deliciousness.⠀

These tarts are getting a 7/7 rating, that’s for sure.

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