Hidden behind the swathes of zigzagging paths that lead towards the top of fort canning hill, @lejardinsingapore is found in Fort Canning Arts Centre (where the bicentennial was hosted) -- a location enveloped in greenery. What adds to the ambience is the Victorian-style interior, which is covered in fresh flowers and wallpaper. This cafe is also by the same people behind @cafedenicolesflower but I preferred this cafe over the other because of its fitting location.

What makes a waffle a croissant? I suppose it's the various layers of flakes in the waffle itself. Quite an interesting creation but it wasn't crispy enough. The scrambled eggs, mushroom ragout and pork tolouse sausage were enjoyable but the rest were quite lacklustre.

This place's redeeming quality is solely its sublime ambience. I didn't even feel compelled to try their fancy overpriced drinks. May be worth a try if your an ambience kind of person but food wise, just grab something else at the city hall or bras basah area.

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