Established itself to be one of Asia’s most exciting places to dine in, @burntends_sg is a modern Australian BBQ restaurant that offers a rather casual dining experience, with counter seats looking directly into the open-concept kitchen. No joke you have to reserve up to 3 months in advance, especially for the Saturday slots!

Featured are the starters and a mind-blowing dessert to end off the meal on a charred yet sweet note.
👉Grissini & Taramasalata - SGD12
👉Smoked Quail Egg & Caviar - SGD15 (per egg)
👉Beef Marmalade & House Pickle - SGD14
👉Jamaican Chicken & Lime Crema - SGD10
👉Marshmallow - SGD2 (per stick)

Every dish was reasonably priced (except maybe for the Smoked Quail Egg & Caviar?) and so well-executed by the chefs. No doubt the explosion of smoky rich flavours when bitten into the egg was memorable, but for $15? I’d actually order another plate of Grissini & Taramasalata instead😂. The shatteringly crisp flatbread comes with a nice layer of salted fish roe and topped with a thick blanket of fresh chives & dill. Love this so so much!

If you think you know how to roast/bbq a marshmallow to perfection, I had to burst your bubble💭. Try theirs to believe it!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️