Decided to try a seafood based ramen from Tsuta this time, was a bit apprehensive so I did not want to go straight for the premium option. The premium option costs $23.90, with premium kurobuta loin and iberico, as well as a Japanese snow crab served in a beautiful looking crab shell. However, the ordinary version contains their normal cha siu slice as well as crab meat. The broth itself was complemented with tomato paste and sour cream โ€” odd, but I have to say that while I was unable to taste much of it in the broth, it perhaps helped in terms of giving a creamier texture to the soup. The seafood broth was rich, amounting to somewhat like a thicker consistency of prawn soup to me. One downside is that there did not seem to be much crab meat in the bowl of ramen. I did think it was a delicious bowl of ramen, and I would personally go for the premium option next time to enjoy more and seemingly higher quality ingredients. If you love seafood broth ramen, this is worth a try.